Monday, December 12, 2016

Last Pictures of Africa

End of term performance and visiting Shoprite in Lusaka.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Third term Pictures

Grade Nine leavers,  a chameleon, the Sakeji Triathlon, and senior boys farewell party.

Sakeji End of Term Photos

A range of photos for end of third term at Sakeji.  Leavers party, senior boys leaving for grade 10, grade 5 girls, 3 teachers (Beth, Ruthie and Lina) and a bearded Mare Hanna.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Last Week of Term

Just thought I should update you on life at Sakeji! Yes, it is finally almost here- end of term!! One week today and the kids will be heading home. They are excited for sure. Every morning when we wake them up, they run out to change the number of days till end of term on the white board. I suspect it will be a wild week. Exams are finished tomorrow and teachers are working on report cards.

Tim had another issue with not feeling well last weekend but we have him on some antibiotics again and he is doing better again. Aly has been able to get him a doctor's appointment for him as soon as we get home. So that is good.

We celebrate that 6 boys and 2 girls have come to faith in Jesus this term.  We are praising the Lord for how he is working.

And a highlight of our week- one week ago was the birth of a new grandson! Katie and Bronson had a little baby boy. Well not little- just nice size for a baby that was almost two weeks overdue- 9 lb 7 oz. his name is

Kason Jim Donald Taylor ( Kason- combination of Katie and Bronson). He is well and healthy and we are praising God for his safe arrival. I think it was a little rough on Katie and Bronson but they pulled through. Bronson very kindly sent us hourly reports so that we could be somewhat involved from a distance. The storms stayed away until just about an hour after he was born so we had internet for quite a bit of the time. The students had been waiting for the birth as well and everyone was excited to see his picture on the computer. Now we are excited to see him in person hopefully In two weeks.

We should arrive in Toronto on dec. 8th if all goes well and plan to spend a few days with this new baby. Tim and Judy will pick us up and drive us back to Thessalon on dec. 15 weather depending. We hear that you are getting snow. No snow here!!

Thank you for your prayers and interest.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Kason Taylor

Our newest grand baby.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

It's a Boy

Kason, Jim, Donald Taylor
Born November 15th at 323 pm.
Weighing 9lb 7.2 oz and 22.5 inches long.

Mom and Baby are doing very well.
We thank the Lord for this remarkable gift.
Proud parents are Katie and Bronson Taylor.
Proud grand parents Tim and Mary.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Tim has been sick.

Below is an email Mary sent on Tuesday and I am feeling much better.
I taught my classes today and will teach swimming later this
afternoon.  God is good.

Last sat night I sent out a quick message to a couple of nurses in our
family asking for advice and I prayer for Dougall as he had a fever of
39-40 and we were unsure why. I did a malaria test but it was negative
so didn't know what to do.
I had some antibiotics and so he started some Saturday morning but
they did not seem to help. Early Sunday morning he started throwing up
and had a headache- typical malaria symptoms but also could have been
from high fever or 10 other things. Did another malaria test on Sunday
but still negative.. But then I am thinking that the antibiotic could
mask the test. Anyway. We kept praying and thought about calling a
flying mission plane in to pick him up but we still had to get through
5 hours before daylight. He couldn't keep water down but we had one
300 ml bottle of Sprite that we were keeping for end of term
celebration but he was able to keep sips of that down! Amazing how God
supplies what we need. Monday morning his temp started to come down
and he had good a sleep for a couple of hours. He has improved
dramatically! He feels weak and tires when he does anything. But he
walked over to dorm this morning at 6:45 and did devotions with the
boys which was a great help. And now he is supervising a football game
but is ready for a rest. We thank God for answering prayer again and
for you for praying.

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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Recent Events

Independence Day at Sakeji.
A trip to Ikelegne.
A python in the chicken coop.

Tim McDougall
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Thursday, October 20, 2016


So dads fever did not go back up today and he started to feel better by supper time. He slept most of afternoon. Ate grilled cheese sandwich tonight and it's still down. So Tanis does not think malaria. I was kinda hoping for malaria because I have been worried about rabies because of all the bats he has been killing in dorm and then last weekend at orchard house. So malaria seemed a better option than rabies. We have been praying about it all afternoon. Tonight Tanis said she thought that if he had malaria he would be getting another fever by now. So we asked her about the possibility of rabies and she looked in her fridge and had enough for a shot for each of us. So dad started on a post exposure treatment of 5 needles over the next 2 weeks and she started me on a preventative plan of 3 needles. Just in case. So we took that as our answer to prayer. Tanis is going to kalene this weekend and will get more at the hospital there. So hopefully all is well. I think we both feel better about getting the vaccine. Should have got it before but it is expensive. I'm exhausted tonight. I think worry and stress and heat probably. Plus I was up every hour during night putting cold cloths on dads head. So glad we were not on dorm tonight. But must say kids were really good last night and this morning at helping me out.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Black Mamba

We were down at the river on the weekend with the students and a
couple of the older boys noticed this black mamba curled up in a tree.
We cautiously took some pictures but were afraid to get close. If
they take a notion they can attack very quickly and have enough venom
to kill 10 people. When we went back on Monday he was gone, hopefully
far away.

Tim McDougall
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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Half Term at Sakeji

We hope this finds you all well and enjoying a grateful Thanksgiving weekend! We are picturing sunshine and colourful leaves and cooler temperatures along with family and get-togethers.
We don't seem to celebrate thanksgiving here. I guess it is a Canadian celebration. I think later in October we celebrate Independence Day..
The Zambian elections are over. It was a tense process for the first month we were here. The vote was very close and there were ' irregularities' ( corruption) in the process. Both candidates accused the other of cheating. So some part of the Supreme Court decided to hear both candidates sides and then a decision would be made. They told the people that a decision would be made by the end of the week. So when we arrived the country had no president. Everyone was up in arms over the situation but they dragged it out for several weeks saying that they needed to know more and then finally made a decision and the former president is back in. It was probably a good way to do it because by the time they did make a decision, people just seemed okay with it. No rioting that we have heard of.
So twice every term, there is half term break!! Which makes no sense but that's what it is called. Starting Thursday after school until Monday morning, there are no classes. Just lots of fun! So kids are excited to say the least!! Routine is still followed, in that wake up is still 6:15 and breakfast at 7 am. But apparently they get candy either for breakfast or at breakfast! We are not really sure, then they play outside till 10 am and then head down to the river until supper time.  Then a picnic supper and a movie (actually the movie is dragged out over FridaySaturday and Sunday nights!! And guess what... It's our weekend on!!! So we should be tired by night time!
Saturday sounds about the same except from 8-10 am each of us do an organized activity with kids. Tim is doing a go cart race with seniors and someone else is doing bike riding, soccer and roller blading. I am doing macrame!! Okay so it sounds a little lame but I couldn't think of anything else and they had cord and beads here!! Then down to the river again for the day.
Sunday is similar to usual Sunday with Sunday school in the morning, then letter writing, rest time, church and river in the afternoon, then everyone back to regular bed times Sunday evening. Our team all take turns with supervision which is great. But Tim and I on boys dorm and laundry till Tuesday morning. So it will be busy but the kids are so excited about the break from school, it will be fun.
We are doing better at keeping up with the routines. I am doing better with dorm stuff so Tim is able to do more lesson prep and marking. Always lots of marking!! We are getting laundry under control!! And I am able to match some names and faces of those little boys! But still need to work on room three boys names.
The rains are coming more often, not everyday yet but the grass is starting to look green and trees are in bloom! Kind of exciting! Like when we see the first robin at home or the crocuses peek out under the snow! God is good!
Tim and I were reading a daily devotional reading and it spoke to both of us. I will just write a couple of sentences..." Most of us have no idea how deeply entrenched we are in the rut of routine. Externally everything looks fine. Our activities revolve around the church and Christian friends we love. We have ( good things to do and they are important and labourers are few and faithfulness is a big part of maturity). Unfortunately, this routine of religious activity can numb our souls, until we find ourselves in need of spiritual refreshment- a fresh touch from God. " the writer, Chuck Swindoll suggests that we need to slow down, pull out of the rut and spend some time with God and think about where you are going. He actually suggests perhaps a weekend retreat sponsored by your church by a lake! But Tim and I think God sent us here to wake us up again! We got too comfortable in our little warm apartment!!
And God is faithful. We have to seek his help daily here and it is good for us! Drop us a note. We love to get news of home.
Love, Mary & Tim


Tim McDougall
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Monday, October 3, 2016

September In

September is in the history books and we have survived the first month.  It has been hectic but we seem to be getting the pace.  Classes seem to be going well and we are getting to know the kids.
Tim does devotions with the boys morning and evenings.  Mary has the school for story time and prayers  (see pictures). Last week we walked to the local village church with the senior students (about 30 minute walk).  Tim was the speaker with an interpreter.  We get back home just in time for Sunday lunch  (roast beef and potatoes).  With Sakeji  ice cream for desert.
The pictures are Devos, Storytime and Walk to Church.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

School Begins

Sept. 9, 2016

We have survived two days of school! Yesterday the kids came back from a month of holidays at home. Airplanes came and went from about 9 am until 5 pm dropping kids off. Kids who live in local villages came by car or truck or motorbike. It was an afternoon of unpacking clothes, comforting the younger children and excitement with the older children being back with friends. Tim and I knew 5 or 6 kids from 6 years ago but they have certainly changed!

Tim and I are sharing boys dorm duties with another couple which is really great.  It means that every second morning you can sleep in until 6 am! Wake up bell is at 6:15 but when on dorm you need to be up by 5am and have the laundry out and devos ready. Breakfast is at 7. We wash laundry at night or early morning when there is power, then in early morning it is hung up, dried and ironed and returned to the dorm the next day. There is quite a pile of laundry each day. After breakfast, the kids come back to dorm, pick up school books, make beds and straighten cupboards. School assembly starts at 745 am and then classes go until 12 noon. After lunch there is a rest time which is a bit of a misnomer.  The kids must stay quietly on their beds for 45 mins but they seem to be able to be pretty active quietly!! Then back to classes for afternoon. Playtime after school or homework time for the older kids. All staff take turns on yard supervision. Supper is at 5:30. Free time until 6:10, then bath time at 6:10 for the younger boys, devotios and lights out at 7. Then intermediates same routine except lights out at 8 and grade 8&9 have lights out at 9. So when laundry is done, we get to go home. Tim is now doing his teaching plans for tomorrow. Then a 5 am wake up tomorrow but Thursday afternoons we are both free after lunch and the other couple takes over dorm for 24 hours. All the staff are divided into two teams and each team takes turns on the weekends. So on your weekend on, you are supervising kids a lot,  either down at the river or games or sports, crafts and Sunday school on Sunday morning and lots of yard supervision. But every second weekend you are free of duties from Saturday noon until Sunday evening. Since there is nowhere to go, people sleep and prepare lessons for the next week! It is busy but the days will fly by, I think!

It is definitely warm but it is cooler for a couple hours in the morning, which is really nice. It is dry and brown everywhere and the leaves are off the trees. People are getting their fields ready for the first rains. There has been no rain since March. Everyone is hoping for rain in October. The school gardens are doing well as they are on a slope and they run creek water from the top of the slope down. Well planned. So we have carrots and cabbage, beets and green peppers and the pineapple season is just started. We are getting our veggies each day.  The meals are good and Tim and I don't do dishes because it interferes with dorm duties.

Learning kids names is a struggle but today I sat down in room 1 and memorized the name of the kid that sleeps in each bed in that room so hopefully I will sooner rather than later put names to the kids. There are 12 kids in the grade 2 math class so hopefully I will get to know them as well because I am with them 6 times a week. Tim is teaching at least one class in each grade plus sports so he is busy and then he has lots of extra responsibilities because he is willing to do anything! The staff are great and make us feel so welcomed me and the kids are pretty loving and kind.

Arriving at Sakeji

We arrived at Sakeji Friday September 2nd. We settled into the Corner House waiting for the students to arrive September 6th.

Leaving Lusaka

We stayed in the container accommodation at the Flight House then left for Sakeji on Sept 2.

Off To Africa

We left Thessalon on Sunday August 28th for Toronto.  Mark gave us a ride and he carried on to Stratford looking at farm equipment.  We did some shopping in TO and flew out for Africa on August 30th.  The flight was long with a short stop in Ethiopia. We arrived in Luzaka Zambia mid-afternoon on Aug 31st.  Doug and Mare Hanna met us at the airport and we went to the flight house staying two nights. We spent most of Thursday trying to track down Tim's work permit at the immigration department and shopping.  They said the permit might be ready Friday morning.

Tim and Chris the pilot went into the city early 8am and thankfully got the permit by 10am. With the permit in hand and our luggage we headed out to the airport. At the flight house we met 3 others that were heading to Sakeji for term 3 as well.  In all we were 6, Justin a young college student from Detroit, Beth a librarian from Rochester and Ruth a teacher from Florida, plus the pilot. We went to the airport and got ourselves arranged on the plane according to weight and leg length. We had minimal luggage as Doug and Mare brought most of our bags by truck. We left at noon and arrived at Sakeji just after 3:30. It was hot at first but the pilot kept going higher to get away from the smoke as people burn their fields. Soon we were all covered up with sweaters trying to stay warm. Then when we were coming down, sweaters were removed and it was hot again by the time we landed!

One of the long term teachers made supper for us which was much appreciated. Hopefully our luggage will arrive tomorrow. We checked around and only found one spider under our pillow. It was the size of a hand but it scurried away behind the bookshelf. I am hoping it decides to stay hidden!  We have our mosquito net which helps to keep creatures out. There is also a ghekko staying in the closet. Checked under the bed and there were no surprises. Tim also checked the dresser drawers and they are empty. So I think the night checks are complete!! It was good to meet teachers who we have worked with before and really good to see Tanis ( our Canadian nurse on the job at the clinic)!!! So hopefully we will sleep tonight and be ready to get some stuff organized tomorrow (Saturday). The students arrive on Tuesday. Good night and thanks for praying for a safe arrival.


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Family Photo Summer 2016

At the end of August we had all the family home for a few days at the cottage.  Josh and Lynne made the long trip from Red Lake with Ivy and Atlas. Katie and Bronson came for the week from Kitchener. Aly and the boys were there as well. Matt was away on his course in Toronto for most of the week. So the family photo includes everyone but Matt.
It was great to have all together for a few days as we were heading for Africa the next week.
It was a  great time!

Cottage 2016

Mike and Glo come to visit.  Cottage visits.


Summer 2016

Uncle Tom turns 100 years old.
Hugo on his first bike ride.

Into the Summer 2016

Soucy Slater Wedding. Summer Fishing with Matt and Ruth.

Spring Happenings 2016

Katie is going to be a mommy.  Hudson is growing up. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Mexico Mission Trip

TBC sends a team to Mexico.  Awana Grand Prix.

Tim McDougall
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Winter 2016

Hudson Hugo and Matt


Tim McDougall
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mr & Mrs B. Taylor

Katie got hitched! Jan 2, 2016


Tim McDougall
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Monday, September 19, 2016

2016 A New Year

The Wedding of Katie and Bronson


Tim McDougall
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Grams Gone to Glory


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