Saturday, February 8, 2014

2013 Review in 8 Parts

Part 1a I know it is February but I thought better a late post than not at all. I thought I would bring the year 2013 to a close and tell you some of the highlights. We began 2013 still at Light Haven Home doing administration and policy writing. We enjoyed working at the retirement home and made some good friends of staff and residents. Pictured is a school group doing a singing presentation. Light Haven is a busy place and we spent many long hours there. Mary’s mother is a resident at Light Haven and we celebrated her birthday Feb 2013.

Part 1b

Part 2

The winter was an old fashion type with lots of snow and cold. We got into the cottage for Christmas 2012 and a few times through the winter. It was great getting out there for a break and the exercise walking in and out was good. The coming of spring brought flowers and the promise of warmer days and family. The Stewarts got together for Easter, so we thought a picture of the group would be good. The warmer weather allowed the flowers to bloom and daffodils appeared at the cottage.

Part 3

Aunt Daisy passed into glory during the winter and we had an internment service for her and a family get together on the McDougall side of the family in May. It was nice to get together with some of the relatives from southern Ontario. Summer began and as usual it was busy. We retired from Light Haven the end of June but stayed on a few days a week till the end of August to help the new administrator settle in. A local fellow, Mark Petingalo has taken over at the helm of the retirement home. He really feels called to the mission there. The Lord will work through him I am sure. We continue to be involved helping when we can and Mary continues to volunteer three or four days a week to work on policy and procedures.

Part 4

We had a good time on Canada day with a lock tour on the Carlson fish tug and a visit from Carew family and then a birthday party for Bryan (75), with anniversaries as well. Camilla came to visit when the kids were home in August. We had a good time fishing, swimming and family time with the kids and grand-kids ( Ivy and Atlas). The time went by very quickly but we did get a chance for a family photo.

Part 5a

Part 5b

I thought I would include some more pictures of the summer, Grama on the wagon, kids at the cottage, and then summer was over to soon. But little did I know the excitement was just beginning. Mary had planned, because it was my 60th birthday she would do something special. The adventure included an number of things, white water rafting on the Ottawa River, a tour of the 1000 Islands, a visit to Katie’s in Kitchener and then to Jamaica for a week. When we returned we went to the International Plowing Match and then to the Tree Top Adventure in Collingwood. What a fantastic birthday surprise!

Part 6a

Part 6b

Part 7a

When we got back home we started to do some renovations to the apartment building, with new flooring, a new bathroom and new shingles. It was a lot of work but we managed (with some extra help) to finish in October. In October we also celebrated a Carlson wedding and then Christmas was just around the corner. Mary and Mary Jane (with help from many of the local ladies) got slippers and blankets for Katie’s group in Kitchener.

Part 7

Part 8

And then it was Christmas 2013 and a year had come and gone. What an exciting time. We finished the year with some special news from Matt and Aly , we would be grandparents again. Aly is going to have a baby in May! Our baby having a baby. We would like to thank the Lord for another wonderful year and blessings we cannot imagine. Now we look forward to 2014 and what exciting things will happen. Thanks to you all! May you have a blessed and joyful 2014.