Thursday, April 5, 2012


A picture of part of the Canadian Roofing Team at Sakeji.  Left to Right -  Jack,  Ken,  Ryan,  Nathan and Sam. Thanks for all the help.

Pictures from Sakeji

Our time at Sakeji was great!  We got to accomplish some projects but also meet old friends and new ones.  I have posted some pictures of some of the missionaries relaxing in the main sitting room.  A picture of the Ferguson's at Hillwood Farm (Mel, Mark, Ross, Ben and Tim).  Some of the students came to the landing strip to say good-bye in the rain.  It was a great send off.

Sakeji Roof

Our part of the roof almost completed.  Here we see pictures of the back of the dorm and the last corner.  The remainder of the roof will be stripping the old metal and replacing with new.