Saturday, November 10, 2012

3 Gents

Photo from PEI Ferry Trip

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sunday Evening At Home

A relaxing afternoon and Mary is making Bread.

Monday, September 10, 2012

PEI Bke Adventure 2012 - Post from Mary mid trail

We met the Wiebe`s early morning Aug 27th and then travelled to Montreal.  Tegan is going to school there and we dropped her and the dog off.  We left on Tuesday for the East.  We really enjoyed a stop in Quebec City with a quick look around, and then  on to  Rivere du Loupe about 9 pm. found a room in a not too shady a place at a really good price and headed out the next morning and arrived in pei about 9pm and set up the tent. had some snacks for supper and went to bed.   The air mattress held its air this time which was nice. we had yogurt and buns and made lunch and headed out to the top of the trail a small town called Tiguish. Off loaded bikes and were ready to start! Warren and Sandy biked with us. the trail is good. packed small gravel and is about 6 feet wide. But we had a strong head wind and it was uphill- okay so it wasn't big hills but lots of steady inclines which i was not expecting! needless to say- i was exhausted about 5 km after starting. we took a break, then frequent breaks for the rest of the day. my neck was aching and so Warren changed the seat height and straightened my posture which helped immediately. we managed 5 hours later to have covered 46 km. probably the slowest Warren and Sandy have ever biked!! But about 30 km more than I have biked at one time. (little did the Wiebes know how inexperienced we were)! Warren is doing about double the work as he bikes with us for about 10 km and then bikes back to the car and moves the car to the next town and then bikes and meets us and then bikes back to the car again and continues doing this all day!!
We made a fire and cooked corn and sausage and i was dehydrated and had to drink lots of water that night and then had to keep crawling out of the tent and peeing! Friday went much better- we were on the trail by 10am and had covered 20km by noon.  we ate our sandwich. the wiebes made sure i was drinking 24 oz of water every 2 hours and i did much better. we arrived at the 90 km marker and laid on the ground for about half an hour and then decided we would do an extra segment and bike all the way to Summerside. so we made the push and did it. felt bad that we were beat but then warren had to bike back to the car and bring it to Summerside. so we are at 109km.  warren and sandy suggested a break today and so we did touristy things. saw the bottle houses- apparently one of  the the top 1000 things to do before you die!! drove along the coast- went to a town fair but didn't want to pay the entrance price! had supper out at a place with a 60 foot salad bar. but we didn't do it justice! and tonight we are staying in a motel- showers and internet all around! did laundry and they are watching tv. 
tomorrow the plan is to start out from here and bike toward the east cape. we are hoping to find a campground up the coast a ways and put the tent up for the next three nights. then warren will drive us to the starting point each day and back at night and it will save settin up each night.
it is beautiful - the weather changes constantly- we have had cold in the mornings, then rain then sun and sweating and then rain. but we dry out quickly.
the wiebes are much like us- eat whenever and whatever- wear the same clothes day after day and don't need to plan to far ahead! So i think it is going okay.
Thanks for praying for us- don't stop yet. the next three days  are going to be long long- i think we need to average 65km a day!
but we keep reminding each other that it is a holiday and nobody cares if we finish but  i think we would like to finish!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Great Prince Edward Island Bike Trip 2012

We arrived in PEI after a great trip thru Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick.  We set up camp in Summerside  and proceeded to the Northcape, the small town of Tignish. We started at zero park, then proceeded on the trail.  It was a great day and some sore muscles at the end of 45 km.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GrandKids Atlas and Ivy

Spring and Summer Update

It has been quite some time since I have posted to the blog and I would like to bring you up to date. After returning from Africa in April we got back into life in Thessalon. We have been quite involved with Thessalon Bible Chapel and continued with eldership there and work with the young people. Mary and I enjoyed working with Break Out, a group of 15 to 35 teenagers. We enjoyed games and activities and a closing camp out at Caroll's Camp north of Thessalon on Tunnel Lake. The kids enjoyed fishing, games, swimming and campfire. It was a great finish to the season.
Mary continued her cancer treatment in Sudbury every three weeks and had her final treatment on May 8th . As we were leaving the chemo room Mary was able to ring the bell to signal her last treatment to the applause of the staff. Mary continues to get stronger and healthy. She has spent time this summer involved in many activities from renovations to haying. She has been very involved in caring for her mom who celebrated her 90th birthday this year.
This spring found us on the highway again. We made a few trips to southern Ontario to see Katie in Kitchener. Katie had some health struggles and was changing jobs as well, so we had a chance to be with her and encourage her as well. In June we made the trek west to Red Lake to visit our new grand baby ATLAS. He is a beautiful baby boy and brother for Ivy. We got the chance to bounce them on our knee, cuddle and love these precious little ones. At the same time we were able to help Josh and Lynne start the new renovations of their house. We thought it was just a porch but soon found out it was an addition that would almost double the size of their home. Josh did an excellent job of planning and designing the structure and we tore off the old porch and broke ground the beginning of June. By the end of our time there we had two floors done and most of the rafters up. Since then Josh has the roof on and has started insulation.
Coming back from Red Lake we started in to farming trying to bale hay on the nice days. We had jobs to do around the apartment building and at the cottage as well. July was spent close to home. Mary was able to get her port out and that gives her some more freedom. We thought it would have to stay in case more cancer treatment was needed. The doctor was so pleased with her progress that he felt there was no need to keep it in. It was a short procedure and it went well. At the end of July we had to dig up the back wall of the apartment building to seal the wall, put new drainage in due to a leak. Everything seems good now.
Some breaking news is that I have taken a new job. Light Haven Christian Home (a retirement home in Bruce Mines Ontario ) asked me to be administrator. As a result I have been spending some days at the Home trying to learn the ropes. I don't begin full time duties until October. Not having any administrative experience and working most of my life with young people this should be a real challenge. I think the Lord has real sense of humour and I am hoping I will be laughing rather than crying. Mary's mom has just become a resident at the home and I have my aunt Daisy there as well. I have committed to six months, and hopefully both the home and I will survive that time.
Well that brings you almost up to date. At the moment we are on a vacation trip to Prince Edward Island. I will try to post some news and pictures of our bike trip across that Canadian Province.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


A picture of part of the Canadian Roofing Team at Sakeji.  Left to Right -  Jack,  Ken,  Ryan,  Nathan and Sam. Thanks for all the help.

Pictures from Sakeji

Our time at Sakeji was great!  We got to accomplish some projects but also meet old friends and new ones.  I have posted some pictures of some of the missionaries relaxing in the main sitting room.  A picture of the Ferguson's at Hillwood Farm (Mel, Mark, Ross, Ben and Tim).  Some of the students came to the landing strip to say good-bye in the rain.  It was a great send off.

Sakeji Roof

Our part of the roof almost completed.  Here we see pictures of the back of the dorm and the last corner.  The remainder of the roof will be stripping the old metal and replacing with new.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Black Mamba

A black mamba  crawling around Sakeji.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Starting the Sakeji Dorm Roof

On March 16th we started the new roof at the back of the dorm.  It required new rafters to be built as we were replacing a two slope roof to one slope.  Trying to match the cottage end was a challenge but we got it adjusted.  These are some pictures of the beginning  of the project.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sakeji Mission School Roof Project

In the middle of March the team,  Ken, Jack, Tim, Nathan, Ryan and Henry headed to Sakeji to begin the roofing of the student dorm.  It was nice to be back at the school, to meet old friends and former students.  The food is great especially the pineapples.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Speaking at the church at Chitokoloki

One Sunday I had opportunity to speak at the Church at Chitokoloki.  A lab tech from the hospital translated for me.  It is sometimes strange speaking thru an interpreter as some of our Canadian sayings are not easily changed to Lunda.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Zambesi Ferry

All Aboard the Zambesi Ferry east to west.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Canadian Team at Chitokoloki

This was the team of electricians, well drillers and helpers at Chitokoloki Feb & Mar 2012.

more chit pics

This is the pump at the leper colony.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Following Pictures

Below I have posted some pictures of the well drilling time at Chitokoloki.  The first picture is of a Corn Planter, donated from Canada that we assembled in the work shop.  Next is a photo of Ed Miller and myself working on the solar pump at the School. Next we have a picture of the hospital water tower.  I had to climb to the top and install and new float switch.  The final photo in this is of a village church that we visited on one Sunday.

More Chitokoloki Pictures

Chitokoloki Pictures

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wells at Chit

Fixing Wells at Chitokoloki

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Well drilling done off to Sakeji

Well drilling at chitokoloki has gone well. We repaired a number of
wells, got pumps working at the hospital school and the water tower.
We drilled some new wells in village and a new well at the leprocy
Today March 11th we flew north to Sakeji Mission School to install a
new roof on the dorm. I will try to post some pictures of Chit and

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Friday, February 3, 2012

In the Chicken Coop

Chores at the Farm

I have been doing the chores at the farm this past week and thought I would post some pictures of the event.
 Here I am heading out to pick up a bale of silage (wrapped) hay to feed to the cows in the barn.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stuck in the Moose River

Jeep in the ice.

Friday, January 27, 2012

January 2012

January  2012
We are already a month into 2012 and I have not updated!  I guess it is time.  We had a very busy time over Christmas with family meals, church meals, community Christmas meals which seems like a lot of meals.  I must have gained a few pounds and I guess my new year’s resolution should be is weight loss.  I love to eat. 
Katie came home for a few days over Christmas and it was nice to have a kid open presents Christmas morning.  It does not matter how old they are only that they are your kids.  As I posted before, our new grand-son arrived December 14th (no name yet ), and it would have been great to see him and Ivy but we were unable to make the long trip to Red Lake.  Josh and Lynne (Ivy and Baby2) celebrated with Lynne’s family in Kenora.  Aly and Matt celebrated with the Clarks in Moosonee.  Although we really missed being together it was nice to be with Mary’s mom and family for the festivities.
Mary is doing quite well and enjoying sewing and quilting again.  We travelled to Sudbury for treatment at the Cancer Center January 3rd and stayed over to celebrate our 37th anniversary on January 4th.  I took Mary out for supper and she took me to a movie.
January has been quite mild and snowfall has been minimal.  It would be a good chance to go to the cottage but we have been busy here at home.  Mary’s brother Tim has been renovating his basement so we have spent some time there.  Mary’s brother Harold has needed some help at the farm as well.  Along with doctor appointments and Mary’s mom needing help we have stayed close to Thessalon.
I have an interesting story from Moosonee.  Aly and Matt live and work in that community but their home is in Moosonee and Aly works on Moose Factory Island about 2 or 3 kilometers across the Moose River.  During the summer Aly takes the water taxi (independent boat or canoe operators) to work.  During freeze up and break up she takes a helicopter ride back and forth from the Hospital.  Once the Moose River is frozen, they plow an ice road from Moosonee to Moose Factory and they can drive their vehicle back and forth.  To get on with the story, early in January Matt decided to take Aly to work in the old green jeep (which in Matt’s words was running like a dream).  They proceeded to the landing and were given the okay to travel across on the ice road.  As they proceeded across, about a kilometer from shore they went thru the ice.  If I understand correctly, the reason they broke through the ice was, due to a high tide the day previous and the water filled a pressure dip in the existing ice. The water that filled the dip froze on top but didn't freeze all the way through hence they  took the plunge. The temperature was about minus 25 Celsius and cold.  They found themselves in tummy deep water as they opened the jeep doors to get out.  They had to scramble thru the icy cold water about 30 meters until they could crawl up on firmer ice.  They had to run back to the Moosonee landing and as they were running everything was freezing up, boots, mitts, and icicles forming from hats and noses.  Fortunately they got back to the landing to find another nurse waiting (in her car) for a snow-machine taxi.  They jumped in the car and she drove them to Sue and Wendel’s  where they got warmed up in a hot shower immediately. 
Once warmed up and dry, Matt went back to the vehicle to find it already frozen in about 4 inches of ice. He had to chop with a pick axe to free around the jeep in hopes that a tow truck could reach it with a cable to winch it out of the ice.  As he was chopping a snow-machine taxi came along and went thru the ice as well.  Matt was able to pull the driver out as he went right under water. He was coming from the Moose Factory side and they were able to get him back to the hospital in a van taxi.  Finally Matt was able to get the jeep free of the ice and able to connect the winch of a tow truck.  They pulled the jeep out and got it back to Moosonee.  The icy ordeal was over with Matt and Aly safe, but we have no word yet whether the jeep will survive.  I remember praying that morning as we were in Sudbury for our anniversary that the Lord would keep Aly and Matt safe in the frozen north and He did!  Needless to say Aly was late for her shift at the hospital.
I often check the weather in Kitchener, Red Lake and Moosonee to see conditions.  Usually Moosonee wins for the cold scale.  Last week it was  -2, -22 and -35 respectively.  With the wind chill that day it was -45 in Moosonee.  That same day in Lusaka it was  29 degrees Celsius .
This past weekend was spent at Galilean Bible Camp, helping in the kitchen.  Mary was baking and preparing meals and I was washing dishes.  It was a small retreat but the kids had a great time.  Mark (Mary’s brother) was at the camp as well keeping wood going to the furnaces and preparing the tube hill for the kids to slide. We got home Sunday afternoon a bit tired but doing okay.  On Tuesday we travelled to Sudbury for another cancer treatment and shopping.  We are trying to collect a few things for me to take to Africa in the middle of February.  I am planning a trip to Chitokoloki and Sakeji with Teamworkers.  Mary will stay in Thessalon but I will get a chance to check up on things at the hospital malnutrition program.  My plan is to help drill wells in the Chitokoloki area for 4 weeks, then go north to Sakeji  to work on a dormitory roof project.  The plan is to return home the end of March.  My biggest concern is leaving Mary home, but I know she will have family close and our Lord even closer.  Well that is all for now, maybe the next update will be from  Africa.  Thanks for your prayers and concern.(Below is a picture of the ice road between Moosonee and Moose Factory)