Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GrandKids Atlas and Ivy

Spring and Summer Update

It has been quite some time since I have posted to the blog and I would like to bring you up to date. After returning from Africa in April we got back into life in Thessalon. We have been quite involved with Thessalon Bible Chapel and continued with eldership there and work with the young people. Mary and I enjoyed working with Break Out, a group of 15 to 35 teenagers. We enjoyed games and activities and a closing camp out at Caroll's Camp north of Thessalon on Tunnel Lake. The kids enjoyed fishing, games, swimming and campfire. It was a great finish to the season.
Mary continued her cancer treatment in Sudbury every three weeks and had her final treatment on May 8th . As we were leaving the chemo room Mary was able to ring the bell to signal her last treatment to the applause of the staff. Mary continues to get stronger and healthy. She has spent time this summer involved in many activities from renovations to haying. She has been very involved in caring for her mom who celebrated her 90th birthday this year.
This spring found us on the highway again. We made a few trips to southern Ontario to see Katie in Kitchener. Katie had some health struggles and was changing jobs as well, so we had a chance to be with her and encourage her as well. In June we made the trek west to Red Lake to visit our new grand baby ATLAS. He is a beautiful baby boy and brother for Ivy. We got the chance to bounce them on our knee, cuddle and love these precious little ones. At the same time we were able to help Josh and Lynne start the new renovations of their house. We thought it was just a porch but soon found out it was an addition that would almost double the size of their home. Josh did an excellent job of planning and designing the structure and we tore off the old porch and broke ground the beginning of June. By the end of our time there we had two floors done and most of the rafters up. Since then Josh has the roof on and has started insulation.
Coming back from Red Lake we started in to farming trying to bale hay on the nice days. We had jobs to do around the apartment building and at the cottage as well. July was spent close to home. Mary was able to get her port out and that gives her some more freedom. We thought it would have to stay in case more cancer treatment was needed. The doctor was so pleased with her progress that he felt there was no need to keep it in. It was a short procedure and it went well. At the end of July we had to dig up the back wall of the apartment building to seal the wall, put new drainage in due to a leak. Everything seems good now.
Some breaking news is that I have taken a new job. Light Haven Christian Home (a retirement home in Bruce Mines Ontario ) asked me to be administrator. As a result I have been spending some days at the Home trying to learn the ropes. I don't begin full time duties until October. Not having any administrative experience and working most of my life with young people this should be a real challenge. I think the Lord has real sense of humour and I am hoping I will be laughing rather than crying. Mary's mom has just become a resident at the home and I have my aunt Daisy there as well. I have committed to six months, and hopefully both the home and I will survive that time.
Well that brings you almost up to date. At the moment we are on a vacation trip to Prince Edward Island. I will try to post some news and pictures of our bike trip across that Canadian Province.