Monday, April 11, 2011

Mark back from Chitokoloki

Mark returned home Saturday night with tales of a long trip to Africa and back.  He was tired but enjoyed the six weeks at Chitokoloki.  He spent most of his time drilling wells with Ken and Steve but was able to use his welding skills fixing ox carts.  I have included some pictures.  It is a nice change from talking about Cancer.  Mary is doing well but seems to be tired more than last treatment.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beginning of April

This has been an eventful week and overall a good one.  We are official resdients of Thessalon now with the papers signed and keys in hand.  April 2nd was packing day for Chitokoloki.  The folks here at Thessalon had been collecting clothing, food items, shoes etc for Africa and some got together on Saturday to pack the boxes.  We sorted everything in the gym at the Bible Chapel and then sealed up the boxes.  Turns out we will need quite a few more boxes to complete the job.  I hope to deliver them to Toronto on the 21st of April.It is great to see the believers here get behind the Malnutrition Program at the Chitokoloki Hospital.
It was a bit of a tearful week for Mary as on Tuesday and Wednesday she noticed her hair coming out in large clumps. On Thursday I did a bit of a barber job to even things out.  She said that the hair loss was more traumatic than the mastectomy.  I guess your hair is a visible thing and so much a part of your visage.  For me hair loss is a slow gradual process.  Mary says she thinks it is a pride thing.  She was alway kind of proud of her full head of hair.  She says the Lord must be teaching her something in this.  Anyway our shampoo use will decline and I am glad the warm weather is coming.
We head to Sudbury tomorrow for treatment #2 and are praying things go well.  They want us to stay at the Hospital at Daffodil Lodge overnight Monday.  I am really glad about that as perhaps they can help with the vomiting.  I am not looking forward to next week very much and I am sure Mary hopes things go better than last time.  Thanks again for your prayers and kind notes.