Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mwiniluga Trip

Pictures of trip to Mwiniluga, Zambia.

Back at Sakeji

We are back at Sakeji  Mission School near Kalene Hill in northwest tip of Zambia (Angola to the west and Congo to the east and north). I have posted a couple of pictures.  We are two weeks into second term and things are going well.  I am teaching Maths, Science and Art to grade 7&8 and P.E. for the school.  Mary is teaching some science and health classes.  One of our major responsibilities is dorm parents to the boys.  It means long days  up at 5:30 and tucking them in at 7 pm for the small boys and 8:30pm for the older ones.  We also get the younger ones up at about 9:30pm to go pee or we have flooded beds in the morning.  Besides the regular teaching we also have swimming lessons, river supervision, crafts, games and Sunday School.  It is quite busy.

Last Wednesday I went south to the Boma (political capital of the area)  Mwiniluga.  The trip is 70 km but took 3 hrs by landcruiser because the road is so bad.  I have posted some pictures of the road and people/villages along the way.  We went down to pick up 800kg of flour for the school kitchen and to pick up a teacher coming on the bus from Kitwe.  The trip was successful and we arrived home at Sakeji about 11:30pm. 

I have no really good snake stories but we did have a village boy bitten by a night adder this morning. Last week we killed a snake in my classroom but it was small.  We hope the snake situation will be uneventful this term.  We will be here til mid June then we head home to Canada.