Sunday, June 13, 2010

Leaving Sakeji

Our journey home to Canada began with a goodbye to the students at the Sakeji airstrip.  Then a 5 hour flight to Lusaka via Chavuma.  We spent a day in Lusaka then  a 2 hour flight to Jo'burg.  World Cup excitement was amazing.  We travelled into Jo'burg and the noise and energy was electric.  The horns were deafening.  After a long lay over we spent the next 11 hours on a 747 to London.  Another long lay over and finally a 8 hour flight to Toronto.  It was great to touch down in TO and be back on Canadian soil.  Oh Canada!

At the source

Our last weekend we got a chance to travel to the source of the Zambezi River.  It has very humble beginnings as a spring rising from the ground on the edge of the Congo border.

last days at Sakeji

Here are some pictures of our final days at Sakeji. They were busy times but we were getting anxious to be going home.