Sunday, June 13, 2010

Leaving Sakeji

Our journey home to Canada began with a goodbye to the students at the Sakeji airstrip.  Then a 5 hour flight to Lusaka via Chavuma.  We spent a day in Lusaka then  a 2 hour flight to Jo'burg.  World Cup excitement was amazing.  We travelled into Jo'burg and the noise and energy was electric.  The horns were deafening.  After a long lay over we spent the next 11 hours on a 747 to London.  Another long lay over and finally a 8 hour flight to Toronto.  It was great to touch down in TO and be back on Canadian soil.  Oh Canada!

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banglaflo said...

wiching you a very good time in canand with all your friends and Family(and your grand-dauther, finally;)!