Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Feb Mar 2019

We made our way to Chitokoloki with Mary working in the Malnutrition feeding program and Tim working on a reno project. We spent time connecting with friends and working.  We had some health challenges as Mary started the journey with shingles and was quite sick while we were there.  Tim had a sore back for about a month.  We survived with mostly completing the reno project and hiring a teacher for the new classroom building.

2018 update

The following photos and comments give an update to 2018.

Winter 2018

The boys are getting bigger and we spend time with them.  We made a trip to Annan to visit Burnley and Zoe.  The cottage is always nice in the winter but takes a lot of effort to get up and down the hill in the snow.

Trip to Chitokoloki

We made a trip to Chitokoloki in March.  The project was the construction of a classroom building connected to the hospital.  This building was to expand the feeding program and to provide a place for instruction.  Melinda went with us and used her nursing skills in the feeding program and  her social skills in meeting people.  The Irish team  Dave and Phil were great flat mates and tremendous help on the project.  

India 2018

Tim went with Ken and Bill to India well drilling with Teamworkers.  Great trip and good companionship.

Cottage Week 2018

We had a good time at the cottage for a week the end of July.  Ended with a family photo for us to remember the time.

Stewart Fleming Family Reunion 2018

In August we had a family reunion in Hanover. Great time was had by all.