Wednesday, December 31, 2008


We spent Christmas Eve at the Cottage and got up Christmas Morning to open presents and have a big breakfast. It was warm and cosy inside and a winter wonderland outside. It was a wonderful time to be together but we were missing Josh and Lynne as they were in Alberta.

Katie, Aly and the Carlsons had a great time in the snow.

The Cabin on Constance Lake.


After looking and looking the two girls were able to find the perfect tree. Triumphantly they returned to the cabin.

Aly and Katie Looking for a Christmas Tree

Katie and Aly headed off into the bush to find the perfect Christmas Tree.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Seasons Greetings

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

From the McDougalls

(lt-rt Lynne, Josh, Tim & Mary, Aly, Katie)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ottawa and Back to Thessalon

We spent a very nice weekend in Ottawa / Gatineau  with Aly. We checked out the house and housemates and made some meals. On our return to Thessalon we  moved to Bryan's house on Lighthouse Point.  It is nice to have running water.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Red Lake

We had a great time in Red Lake.  Mary talked to Lynne about baby stuff.

Fall Update Pictures

Fall 2008

This has been a very different fall for us and we have been a bit disconnected. The month of September was spent at the cottage with the weekends in Sudbury as Mary was taking an ESL course over 3 weekends. I (Tim) have been palgued with boils and struggled with getting them under control. During October we spent some time building a new washroom at the cottage and enjoying the fall colours. It has been relaxing but we are getting a bit anxious to get going again.
As a result of the need to travel, we decided to make the long trek (18hours) to Red Lake to visit Josh and Lynne as well as Mary's sister Gloria and her family. It was great travel as we were able to go with our friend from Iron Bridge (Shirley Reed) as she wanted to visit friends in Nipigon. While in Red Lake we had a chance to look around and confirm the news that Josh is going to be a dad. Which means we are going to be Grandparents!! We returned from Red Lake and then made plans to visit Aly on the other side of the province in Ottawa. Ashley Shantz had the weekend off so she came with us. We had a great time checking out Aly's house in Gatineau, visiting the new MET and touring the town. We had a nice meal with Aly's housemates, Dan & Pam Carlson, Matt Clark, Jon Carlson and a few others. The weather for travel was great both ways and we spent a few mild days at the cottage working on the bathroom.
This weekend we moved into my brother's house in Thessalon as he is in Florida. It is turning colder and we have winter to look forward to. We will try to make some regular updates to the blog as we have regular Net access here.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Family Photo

Here is a family picture from the summer.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

In the chapel.

Aly at the museum

Aly's last day at the museum.

Supper on Basswood lake

We had a nice evening with Camilla Bryan aunt Daisy and uncle Tom at
Bo's cottage on Basswood. The sunset was great.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

More berries

Mary picking in the Badlands of Wawa

Blueberry Trip

The blueberries are plentiful this year.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer is Here

It is Canada Day and we have been enjoying the warm weather.  This past weekend we had a chance to visit with family and friends at the cottage.  The kids enjoyed some canoeing,  kayaking and water-skiing.  My sister Mary-Jane and her husband Dennis spent some time in the paddle boat and the dog "Sasha"  wanted a ride as well.  I thought the dog was going to dump them in but they did manage to get back home safe but a little bit wet.  This afternoon I had my first chance of the season to get on the hay bayler and tried the wrapper for the first time. I hope things are going well for everyone and you are enjoying Canada Day. I am not sure if they will have fireworks tonight or not but I am sure they will be celebrating.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mary in the kayak

This is the day before Mary's birthday and she is out getting an early
morning workout. It took her an hour to paddle around the lake.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mary for an early morning swim.

Back at the cottage

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sunset on the Okavango River

Namibian Cheetah

Mick and Suzanne AIM Namibia

Namibia to Amsterdam

Namibia to Amsterdam

Namibia is warm and dry place. We travelled from Capetown to
Windhoek the capital ( very modern and very clean). We got a chance
to do a walking tour of the city and got our exercise. It is nice
being able to communicate (a real change from Madagascar) as the
official language is English but most people speak Africans. We met
AIM folks and they took us up north to an area where they want to
place a team next year. It would be a two year project. The town is
Rundu on the banks of the Okavango River which forms the border
between Namibia and Angola. That river is one if the rare rivers that
does not flow to the ocean but is dies in the Okavango Delta in the
Namib Desert. We stayed there two days then caught an overnight bus
back to Windhoek and a taxi to the airport to start our homeward
We flew to Lusaka via Jo'burg getting there at 10pm. We were planning
just to camp out in the airport but that did not work out and the
shuttles and taxis were gone. We hand to hitchhike to Lusaka making
for an interesting experience. We found a place to stay in Lusaka but
had to be up a going to the airport by 9:30. In the airport we tried
to make a few calls on our Zambia sim card as we had some talk time
left. We called Grace Academy and found that the grand opening went
very well and things are going fine. We flew out of Lusaka at noon
arriving in Nairobi at about 3pm. We got a chance to talk to a couple
from Arizona who had spent the last 6 months in Malawi. We stood on
line for three hours to get our boarding passes.
We left Nairobi at 10:20pm and arrived in Amsterdam at 5:30 in the
morning. As I am writing this I and sitting in a reclining chair
watching the planes as Mary catches some sleep We are getting
excited about going home !
Take care
Mary and tim

From Tim McDougall's iPhone

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mary in Windhoek

Tim on Robert Mugabe Ave

Luthern Church Windhoek



Windhoek Namibia is reported to be the cleanest city in the southern
hemisphere and I think it is true. We have done a great deal of
walking since we arrived and the city is very nice. We walked down
Eros Weg from the small motel we were staying at to Independence Ave
the main street of the city. This is a modern city very much like
Capetown and the traffic laws are obeyed. We did some shopping at the
Post Street Mall then walked back via Fidel Castro ave and Robert
Mugabe ave. We past the famous Luthren Church and the parliament
buildings and the state house.
On Saturday May 24th we decided to go to the Angus Buchan Crusade at
Independence Stadium. The map we had was not to scale and we ended a
three hour walk with a 15 minute taxi ride to finally get to the
stadium. The crusade was great with about ten thousand people
attending. We had trouble finding a taxi and ended up hitchhiking home.
On Sunday we went to church with Suzanne & Mick and then to their
place for lunch. We went for another walk in the afternoon and ended
up back at the motel by 6pm.
Monday we head to Rundu in the north which is on the border with
Angola. We hope to meet with some AIM staff there and return home by
the night bus on Wednesday ready to fly out on Thursday. We hope to
post a few pictures if we can. Later.

From Tim McDougall's iPhone

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cape Town

On Strand Beach in the rain.

On the Cape

At Chapmans Peak. On the way to Cape Point

Monday, May 19, 2008

Cape Town

We are in Cape Town and enjoying the stay.

CapeTown South Africa

We arrived in Cape Town last thursday. I is an amazing place and more amazing is that we are at the bottom of Africa.

More Picts

Good bye to Madagascar

Streets of Madagascar

In Tana

Good bye Madagascar

These are the last few days in Madagascar and we are trying to get things finished up and look around a bit.  Saturday we took our last trip to the craft market and we went with some of the young people.  Jenny (USA), Renier (SA) and Elizabeth (a canadian girl who just arrived in Tana) went with us.  The prices were a bit higher, but we had a good time talking to all the sellers.  On the way home we set a new record on the taxi bus  36 adults.  So tight that you  find other people's hands in your pockets.
Sunday we went to town on the taxi bus again, went to church at a school called Vision Valley.  It was nice because it was mostly in English and we met some new people.  After church we caught another bu and went exploring a bit, getting back home at about 2 pm. 
On Monday which was a holiday iN Madagascar (penticost) some of the AIM team took us south of the city to a place called Gasicara.  It is kind of a cultural center with some of the traditional houses from around the Island and we saw some traditional dancing.  It was a beautiful day and a great outing.  As a thank you we took the team out for supper at a Korean Restuarant.  It was great as we had our Korean friends there to explain the food.  I got to taste some very good Korean food in the heart of Madagascar.  We made it back home by 8:30 ready to go to bed.
Wednesday we leave Tana for South Africa and say goodbye to the Red Island.  We will try to update the blog in Capetown.  Til then.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lemure watching


Lemure eating