Thursday, October 20, 2016


So dads fever did not go back up today and he started to feel better by supper time. He slept most of afternoon. Ate grilled cheese sandwich tonight and it's still down. So Tanis does not think malaria. I was kinda hoping for malaria because I have been worried about rabies because of all the bats he has been killing in dorm and then last weekend at orchard house. So malaria seemed a better option than rabies. We have been praying about it all afternoon. Tonight Tanis said she thought that if he had malaria he would be getting another fever by now. So we asked her about the possibility of rabies and she looked in her fridge and had enough for a shot for each of us. So dad started on a post exposure treatment of 5 needles over the next 2 weeks and she started me on a preventative plan of 3 needles. Just in case. So we took that as our answer to prayer. Tanis is going to kalene this weekend and will get more at the hospital there. So hopefully all is well. I think we both feel better about getting the vaccine. Should have got it before but it is expensive. I'm exhausted tonight. I think worry and stress and heat probably. Plus I was up every hour during night putting cold cloths on dads head. So glad we were not on dorm tonight. But must say kids were really good last night and this morning at helping me out.

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