Thursday, October 6, 2016

Half Term at Sakeji

We hope this finds you all well and enjoying a grateful Thanksgiving weekend! We are picturing sunshine and colourful leaves and cooler temperatures along with family and get-togethers.
We don't seem to celebrate thanksgiving here. I guess it is a Canadian celebration. I think later in October we celebrate Independence Day..
The Zambian elections are over. It was a tense process for the first month we were here. The vote was very close and there were ' irregularities' ( corruption) in the process. Both candidates accused the other of cheating. So some part of the Supreme Court decided to hear both candidates sides and then a decision would be made. They told the people that a decision would be made by the end of the week. So when we arrived the country had no president. Everyone was up in arms over the situation but they dragged it out for several weeks saying that they needed to know more and then finally made a decision and the former president is back in. It was probably a good way to do it because by the time they did make a decision, people just seemed okay with it. No rioting that we have heard of.
So twice every term, there is half term break!! Which makes no sense but that's what it is called. Starting Thursday after school until Monday morning, there are no classes. Just lots of fun! So kids are excited to say the least!! Routine is still followed, in that wake up is still 6:15 and breakfast at 7 am. But apparently they get candy either for breakfast or at breakfast! We are not really sure, then they play outside till 10 am and then head down to the river until supper time.  Then a picnic supper and a movie (actually the movie is dragged out over FridaySaturday and Sunday nights!! And guess what... It's our weekend on!!! So we should be tired by night time!
Saturday sounds about the same except from 8-10 am each of us do an organized activity with kids. Tim is doing a go cart race with seniors and someone else is doing bike riding, soccer and roller blading. I am doing macrame!! Okay so it sounds a little lame but I couldn't think of anything else and they had cord and beads here!! Then down to the river again for the day.
Sunday is similar to usual Sunday with Sunday school in the morning, then letter writing, rest time, church and river in the afternoon, then everyone back to regular bed times Sunday evening. Our team all take turns with supervision which is great. But Tim and I on boys dorm and laundry till Tuesday morning. So it will be busy but the kids are so excited about the break from school, it will be fun.
We are doing better at keeping up with the routines. I am doing better with dorm stuff so Tim is able to do more lesson prep and marking. Always lots of marking!! We are getting laundry under control!! And I am able to match some names and faces of those little boys! But still need to work on room three boys names.
The rains are coming more often, not everyday yet but the grass is starting to look green and trees are in bloom! Kind of exciting! Like when we see the first robin at home or the crocuses peek out under the snow! God is good!
Tim and I were reading a daily devotional reading and it spoke to both of us. I will just write a couple of sentences..." Most of us have no idea how deeply entrenched we are in the rut of routine. Externally everything looks fine. Our activities revolve around the church and Christian friends we love. We have ( good things to do and they are important and labourers are few and faithfulness is a big part of maturity). Unfortunately, this routine of religious activity can numb our souls, until we find ourselves in need of spiritual refreshment- a fresh touch from God. " the writer, Chuck Swindoll suggests that we need to slow down, pull out of the rut and spend some time with God and think about where you are going. He actually suggests perhaps a weekend retreat sponsored by your church by a lake! But Tim and I think God sent us here to wake us up again! We got too comfortable in our little warm apartment!!
And God is faithful. We have to seek his help daily here and it is good for us! Drop us a note. We love to get news of home.
Love, Mary & Tim


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Kathy said...

Thanks for the devo reminder as good for us all to take evaluation of the 'ruts' we can get into even as believers. Hadn't heard you were serving in Zambia....awesome and trust you are able to get some rest after this busy week. Hugs