Sunday, October 2, 2016

Off To Africa

We left Thessalon on Sunday August 28th for Toronto.  Mark gave us a ride and he carried on to Stratford looking at farm equipment.  We did some shopping in TO and flew out for Africa on August 30th.  The flight was long with a short stop in Ethiopia. We arrived in Luzaka Zambia mid-afternoon on Aug 31st.  Doug and Mare Hanna met us at the airport and we went to the flight house staying two nights. We spent most of Thursday trying to track down Tim's work permit at the immigration department and shopping.  They said the permit might be ready Friday morning.

Tim and Chris the pilot went into the city early 8am and thankfully got the permit by 10am. With the permit in hand and our luggage we headed out to the airport. At the flight house we met 3 others that were heading to Sakeji for term 3 as well.  In all we were 6, Justin a young college student from Detroit, Beth a librarian from Rochester and Ruth a teacher from Florida, plus the pilot. We went to the airport and got ourselves arranged on the plane according to weight and leg length. We had minimal luggage as Doug and Mare brought most of our bags by truck. We left at noon and arrived at Sakeji just after 3:30. It was hot at first but the pilot kept going higher to get away from the smoke as people burn their fields. Soon we were all covered up with sweaters trying to stay warm. Then when we were coming down, sweaters were removed and it was hot again by the time we landed!

One of the long term teachers made supper for us which was much appreciated. Hopefully our luggage will arrive tomorrow. We checked around and only found one spider under our pillow. It was the size of a hand but it scurried away behind the bookshelf. I am hoping it decides to stay hidden!  We have our mosquito net which helps to keep creatures out. There is also a ghekko staying in the closet. Checked under the bed and there were no surprises. Tim also checked the dresser drawers and they are empty. So I think the night checks are complete!! It was good to meet teachers who we have worked with before and really good to see Tanis ( our Canadian nurse on the job at the clinic)!!! So hopefully we will sleep tonight and be ready to get some stuff organized tomorrow (Saturday). The students arrive on Tuesday. Good night and thanks for praying for a safe arrival.


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