Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Tim has been sick.

Below is an email Mary sent on Tuesday and I am feeling much better.
I taught my classes today and will teach swimming later this
afternoon.  God is good.

Last sat night I sent out a quick message to a couple of nurses in our
family asking for advice and I prayer for Dougall as he had a fever of
39-40 and we were unsure why. I did a malaria test but it was negative
so didn't know what to do.
I had some antibiotics and so he started some Saturday morning but
they did not seem to help. Early Sunday morning he started throwing up
and had a headache- typical malaria symptoms but also could have been
from high fever or 10 other things. Did another malaria test on Sunday
but still negative.. But then I am thinking that the antibiotic could
mask the test. Anyway. We kept praying and thought about calling a
flying mission plane in to pick him up but we still had to get through
5 hours before daylight. He couldn't keep water down but we had one
300 ml bottle of Sprite that we were keeping for end of term
celebration but he was able to keep sips of that down! Amazing how God
supplies what we need. Monday morning his temp started to come down
and he had good a sleep for a couple of hours. He has improved
dramatically! He feels weak and tires when he does anything. But he
walked over to dorm this morning at 6:45 and did devotions with the
boys which was a great help. And now he is supervising a football game
but is ready for a rest. We thank God for answering prayer again and
for you for praying.

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