Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mary at Sakeji

Mary and Tim are finally united again as Mary has arrived at Sakeji.  She arrived on Saturday on a flight from Chitokoloki.  Since she had to pay for the flight out of her savings, she invited Aly to come along for the ride.  Aly got a chance to look around the school, stay for the lunch meal, help Dad at the swimming pool then head back to the hospital at 3 pm.  Tim was busy before Mary got there as he killed the snake pictured.  It was only a small puff adder but he felt heroic.  The kids were out playing in the river, that some men just killed a 8 foot python in.  What a time to leave your camera at home.  Aly saw the snake so there is proof.
It is great to have Mary at Sakeji.  She is shadowing the nurse (Pam) for the next two weeks to see what her duties are.  She has a clinic each morning and does supervision and teaching in the school as well.


Jason & Erin said...

8FT!!!! Yikes...I'm scared even from here! Nice to see pictures of you and Aly.
Can't wait to see you guys soon!
Erin (for Jason, Gabe and Baby Stew #2)

Jacquie said...

Hi Mary & Tim
What a thrill to have Aly with you. You are an AMAZING family and the world is a better place with you in it.
Keep well. Safe travels.
Blind River