Monday, June 1, 2009

Game Drive

We are still in Sakeji and busy.  Last week we had the opportunity to go on a game drive and hunt at a Wildlife Reserve that borders the school property.  We had a great time.  The reserve has Sable Zebra Elan Dyker Reed Buck Warthog and many other south African wildlife. The drive was great but then the asked if we would like to go on a hunt.  It was quite exciting and we came home with a Reed Buck for supper.
The pictures are of the game drive, the two guides and Mary at the wheel.
We leave Sakeji the end of the week and head home via Chitokoloki, Livingston, Lusaka, London and then Toronto.

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Jason & Erin said...

Can't wait to see you guys!
Jason, Erin & Gabe (and Baby)