Sunday, May 3, 2009

At Sakeji

It is Sunday here at Sakeji Mission School and I am settled in. Mary is still back at Chitokoloki, as Aly has just arrived there for a month or so.  Mary will show Aly the ropes and then hopefully come north to join me here.  We all hope to head home together June 9th.
Sakeji is quite different from Chit as the area is sub-tropical.  I went for a walk just northwest of the school and it is like what I think a jungle should look like.  It is damp, large trees, vines hanging small streams running, and dark even in the middle of the day.  The rains are still coming here as it has rained each day and night so far.  I am told however that the dry season will come soon.  There are no problems with crocs here but snakes are another question.
The Sakeji pictures are of the jungle path, the garden and the classroom building at the school.  There is a picture of a lady cooking « nshima » as the school put on a meal for the worker on labour day (May 1st) and the men waiting to eat.
The school starts on May 5th and I hope to be prepared by that time.

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