Saturday, May 31, 2008

Namibia to Amsterdam

Namibia to Amsterdam

Namibia is warm and dry place. We travelled from Capetown to
Windhoek the capital ( very modern and very clean). We got a chance
to do a walking tour of the city and got our exercise. It is nice
being able to communicate (a real change from Madagascar) as the
official language is English but most people speak Africans. We met
AIM folks and they took us up north to an area where they want to
place a team next year. It would be a two year project. The town is
Rundu on the banks of the Okavango River which forms the border
between Namibia and Angola. That river is one if the rare rivers that
does not flow to the ocean but is dies in the Okavango Delta in the
Namib Desert. We stayed there two days then caught an overnight bus
back to Windhoek and a taxi to the airport to start our homeward
We flew to Lusaka via Jo'burg getting there at 10pm. We were planning
just to camp out in the airport but that did not work out and the
shuttles and taxis were gone. We hand to hitchhike to Lusaka making
for an interesting experience. We found a place to stay in Lusaka but
had to be up a going to the airport by 9:30. In the airport we tried
to make a few calls on our Zambia sim card as we had some talk time
left. We called Grace Academy and found that the grand opening went
very well and things are going fine. We flew out of Lusaka at noon
arriving in Nairobi at about 3pm. We got a chance to talk to a couple
from Arizona who had spent the last 6 months in Malawi. We stood on
line for three hours to get our boarding passes.
We left Nairobi at 10:20pm and arrived in Amsterdam at 5:30 in the
morning. As I am writing this I and sitting in a reclining chair
watching the planes as Mary catches some sleep We are getting
excited about going home !
Take care
Mary and tim

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Jason & Erin said...

We're really excited for you guys to come home. We can't wait for you to meet Gabe:)
Love you guys!
Erin (for Jason & Gabriel)