Monday, May 19, 2008

Good bye Madagascar

These are the last few days in Madagascar and we are trying to get things finished up and look around a bit.  Saturday we took our last trip to the craft market and we went with some of the young people.  Jenny (USA), Renier (SA) and Elizabeth (a canadian girl who just arrived in Tana) went with us.  The prices were a bit higher, but we had a good time talking to all the sellers.  On the way home we set a new record on the taxi bus  36 adults.  So tight that you  find other people's hands in your pockets.
Sunday we went to town on the taxi bus again, went to church at a school called Vision Valley.  It was nice because it was mostly in English and we met some new people.  After church we caught another bu and went exploring a bit, getting back home at about 2 pm. 
On Monday which was a holiday iN Madagascar (penticost) some of the AIM team took us south of the city to a place called Gasicara.  It is kind of a cultural center with some of the traditional houses from around the Island and we saw some traditional dancing.  It was a beautiful day and a great outing.  As a thank you we took the team out for supper at a Korean Restuarant.  It was great as we had our Korean friends there to explain the food.  I got to taste some very good Korean food in the heart of Madagascar.  We made it back home by 8:30 ready to go to bed.
Wednesday we leave Tana for South Africa and say goodbye to the Red Island.  We will try to update the blog in Capetown.  Til then.

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