Sunday, April 23, 2017

News Christmas to March

I have been negligent about posting news since our time at Sakeji so I thought I would bring things up to date. We made it home to Canada in mid December and spent some time with Katie, Bronson and our new grand baby  Kason.  It was a good time.  We stayed in the visitors suite at Kate's apartment building.  We made it home to Thessalon in time for Christmas festivities and to see Matt , Aly and the boys before they went to Mosoonee for the holiday.  We had a quiet Christmas with just the locals.  It was nice but we missed our kids and grand kids.  Some highlights were, meals, visitors,  Amy's baptism and  the couch.


After Christmas we were back in the routine of Thessalon living, which included Light Haven ,  Church functions, Awana,, doctor appointments, hockey, trips to the Soo etc.  .  January and February were spent doing various things but most enjoyable was time with Hudson and Hugo.  Hudson is learning to skate and that was fun. We managed to go to the Cottage once just to check on things.  Matt Aly and the boys came along with MaryJane and Dennis.  It was a nice day and we enjoyed a winter fire and lunch together.  In December we were asked by Teamworkers to go to Zambia on a building  project and after much prayer and discussion we decided to make the commitment to go back to Chitokoloki for the building project.  We ended with a team of three,  Tim – team leader  Mary  - cook and Jason Johns – helper adviser. 


I have included some photos for your enjoyment and will let you figure what is what.  -  Mary and Tim for a winter night walk -  Mary enjoying the fireplace in our apartment – some pictures of Kason our newest grand baby – Amy's baptism - Aly and Matt before heading off to the North – some pictures of the gang going to the cottage .  Next post will be of the construction project at Chit.

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