Thursday, April 27, 2017

Back to Chitokoloki

(Picture of the Irish Team who worked on the foundation)

We had been asked by Teamworkers to lead a mission team to Chitokoloki in Zambia to work on a building project.  After a few changes and much prayer we decided to take a team of 3, Mary and I  plus Jason a young fellow from Thessalon on the trip. Our plan was to build a house for a missionary nurse at Chit. The foundation and concrete slab were to be finished by the end of February so we could begin laying blocks for the walls when we arrived. Before we left we found out that the Irish team who were to do the slab had problems with the foundation so we would be starting with the slab. Tim


Mar 8


We have arrived safely in Lusaka. All flights went well. Left Toronto 10:30 Tuesday morning and arrived here 3:30 Wednesday afternoon. Gained 6 hours along the way. All luggage arrived with us which is bonus! We had met up with Murray  in Toronto who is an electrician and he is working on some projects around Chit . We picked up more parts for machinery that was needed at Chit Tuesday morning and so we were rearranging everybody's suitcases to fit all the extras to make the 50 lb limits. All bags were 49 or 50 lbs. so now everybody's stuff is mixed with food and equipment! The last flight from Harare to Lusaka was just an hour and all 4 of us slept!

Two guys (Joey and Jason) met us at the airport, loaded up the bags and drove us to the grocery store. We were able to get chicken, hamburg, milk, cheese, apples, butter, oil, some flour, sugar and popcorn!! No bacon, ham and not a lot of fresh fruit or vegetables available. Can get eggs at Chit. The bill totalled about $3200 kwacha which looked intimidating! But works out to about $300 USD. Then they drove us to Flying Mission and a lovely missionary lady cooked us hamburgers which we very much appreciated.. we managed to stay awake until 9 pm and crashed it is now 2 am and we are awake. Hoping to adjust to the time difference and heat quickly! The truck will leave with our luggage and food at 4 am this morning. Jason is travelling with the driver. They are taking the bush road and hoping to do it in one day. It will be an African adventure for Jason! Praying for their safety. Our little plane is to leave at 6 am. The pilot is hoping to avoid rainstorms by leaving at daybreak. I think Tim is hoping to have most of the day tomorrow to look at plans and the building site. This flight should only be 3 hours if the weather cooperates. We will try to keep you updated.


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