Saturday, August 6, 2011

August Already!

The summer seems to be flying by and we are staying very busy.  Haying has been going well but seems to be dragging on.  Hopefully we will have the feed for the cattle all in next week.  We are planning on making the trip to Moosonee to see Aly and Matt the end of August.
Mary has been feeling well but we still make the trip to Sudbury every 3 weeks for "Herceptin", the treatment for the HER2 gene.  We were worried that this treatment was damaging Mary's heart so we had an ecocardiogram this week.  The doctor tells us that it is okay so we will continue with  that treatment.  The next date is August 9th, so we will make another trip to Sudbury.  I have been trying to make Mary take it easy but that is like trying to stop the wind.  She has been picking berries, beans, potatoes and anything else that she can see to pick, as well as driving the tractor.  Last Saturday I got hope from the field for supper and Mary's brother asked me, "Is it better to ask forgiveness or permission?". I wondered what he was taking about and he said to ask Mary.  Turns out she spent the afternoon in the hot sun driving the tractor while Mark baled hay.
I was planning to post some pictures but it turns out that our camera was stolen  when  our car was entered in June.  I will post some old pictures just to brighten up the post abit.
Thanks for prayers and concern.

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