Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 2 Canada Day Weekend

Hope you had a great Canada Day.  We kept the celebration low key this year.  I worked at building a gazebo, Mary spent most of the day resting.  We did get out to the farm for a bit.  She cut up some rhubarb and bagged it to go in the freezer.  John, Ruth and Michaela are up from Kingsville, along with John and Heather Bender (and family) from Hanover for the weekend.  They are staying at the cottage, maybe some fishing, swimming and hopefully boating.  Katie and I took the boat out to the cottage last night but when we got there, the motor tilt would not work so we have to bring it back and fix that this morning.
  Mary had her 6th treatment on Tuesday.  That will be the last of the chemo treatments as now she will have the gene therapy (Herceptin) every three weeks.  She has been feeling okay but gets tired quickly and her stomach is tentative.  I gave her needle #3 of Nuprogen this morning hopefully she will be able to stay out of the hospital.  I learned a new term this week from Zoe,  "febrile neutropenia"  which means the temperature spike that sends Mary to hospital.  Officially it is, when a patient has a fever and a significant reduction in their white blood cells (neutropenia) that are needed to fight infections. In any case we hope to forego that this time.
  Today we I am hoping that Mary will feel up to a visit to the cottage to see the gang.  Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Canada Day Weekend and for some a Happy Fouth of July.

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Lina said...

We're praying for you guys! Have a great summer!