Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Chemo Treatment

Here it is March 23rd and this past week has been a bit daunting.  We travelled to Sudbury a week ago Monday for the first chemo treatment.  It was a long day as we left early in the morning and we got to the hospital at about 930 and waited.  The chemo started about 11am and took about 2hrs until all of the chemicals were pushed into the port in Mary’s chest  Before the chemo started they gave Mary some anti- nausea drugs that were to last 24 hours.   At about 1:30 we stopped for some lunch and then headed home, but we were less than half way home when the nausea hit.  That night was a bit overwhelming for me as Mary was feeling rotten  and there was nothing I could do.  Tuesday to Friday was a bit of a blur but Mary did get progressively better.  By the weekend Mary thought she might survive!  Here is a note she sent in an email on Sunday.
“We are surviving the first of the chemos- barely! i think this is as hard on Tim as me as he has to watch/listen to barfing!  This week has been pretty rough but hopefully the next two weeks will be better before they do the next treatment. This afternoon we went out for a ride and i lost a handful of hair- not a dry drive by any means!  We had Aly and Matt (  Clark) here for the weekend so it was really nice to see them even though I couldn't do much. It was so encouraging  to hear them talk of their wedding plans and hopes  and dreams for the future!  And Matt made me some creamy mashed potatoes  which went down well!”
“Our new address is 153 Ontario St. Apt #1  P.O. Box 493 Thessalon, Ontario  P0R 1H0
we are settling into "Normal" life- phones, internet, electricity, running water and bills!!
I feel claustrophic at times but hopefully will make the transition gracefully. This is our path at present and we want to be found faithful.”
Today was a good day and we had a nice visit from Burnley and Zoe.  Mary ate well and did not have nausea  at all.  This is the 10th day of the treatment when her blood count is supposed to be the lowest.  We will have to careful with people who are sick and guard Mary from infection.  I take her temp twice a day.  If it is 38 degrees C,  I am to take her to the emergency dept. immediately.    We have a video conference with the oncologist on Monday and hopefully we can deal with the nausea and vomiting for next time. 
Thanks so much for all the notes, emails and phone calls.  We really appreciate all the support and the prayer. 

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Jason & Erin said...

We are happy to hear that you are starting to feel better Mary. But sorry that it was so rough to start. We miss you a lot! Gabe made you a nice card that we'll have to get to you. He coloured it and put stickers on:)
Jason & Erin