Thursday, February 19, 2009


Feb 16
Today was a bit of a set back as we were having a problem with the leper colony well we had drilled last week.  We figured the foot valve at the bottom of the well was not working properly so decided to pull it up.  In doing so the pipe slipped through and went to the bottom of the casing.  We are in the process of figuring out a way to salvage the situation. As it stands we have lost almost 4 days work plus all the piping. God knows!  Tomorrow is another day.
We  have not traveled from the mission station as yet but I did go down to the river on Sunday.  Tim saw a big croc but he was about 200 feet away.  Some of the guys want to go croc hunting as that one almost took a young boy later that day.  This evening we heard a report that a teenage boy had his face almost ripped off by a croc. 

Feb 17
So the croc actually grabbed the 18year's leg and when he bent down to try to get his leg out , the croc bit his face. The doctor worked on him for a couple of hours last night.  He is patched up pretty good but he is alive and will probably be okay.

Mary is working with the malnourished children which is a quite sad as well as a little frustrating. The children are not interested in the food and the moms don't want to bother waking them and pushing them to eat. So she needs to be at the hospital every  4 hours to tryto get them to eat. Today has not been a good day but she will go back soon and see if there is any improvement. A couple of the children are quite sick and it could go either way yet.
A lady let her pick up the fallen lemons from her tree and take them over to old hospital and some people had a treat. When Tim gets home tonight, we hope to walk to the next village because  there is a man there with 1000 orange trees and he has been unable to sell many oranges locally and can 't afford to ship them to a city. We are hoping he will be willing to sell some of them to us at a good price and then we could give everyone in old hospital their own orange,  we would need about 250. Tim is working crazy hours and is exhausted when he gets home usually about 7pm. We usually have something to eat and are in bed by 9pm. March should start to cool off and that will help.It has been a tough place thus far because they is just so much sickness and death. There are so many diseases that could be prevented but the need is so great and there are so many people  that it is hard to do anything other then just treat the sickest.
But the doctor and nurses at the hospital and clinic are just amazing. we don't know how they just keep on going but they do  and they have such a love and compassion for the people.

Feb 19

By some ingenuity we were able to pull up the lost 100 feet of steel pipe down the bore hole at the leper colony.  It  took most of the morning but we did get it up.  We hope to repair the pump and reinstall Friday.   Today we had a heavy rain so not much was done on the well drilling.  We have four wells in different stages of completion.  We hope  that all will be successful.

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