Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Trip to the countryside.

Feb. 5 Mary and Dorothy made a trip to the country side south of Chitokoloki.  The little girl was selling her chicken and the ladies were pounding the corn into meal.  Mary visited many schools and villages during the day. She also brought some sick people back to the hospital.


Chuck and Laurie said...

Hi Tim and Mary

We are on our way home from Zambia - currently in Frankfurt awaiting connecting to Toronto. Oh the joys of airport living! (as you know)

We were not sure if we would see you in Zambia - but after looking at a map - we see that you are many kms from Grace. I was glad to see that you had a small plane to ride in to get to Chikoloki as the car ride would have been brutal.

We are looking forward to reading your blog and will keep you in our prayers - that you will be safe, healthy and able to do the work that God has brought you back to Zambia to do. God bless you both.

lorraine beemer said...

Hello Mary and Tim

i miss youse already
it sure does take special people to do what you two do
i will surely keep youse in my prayers
love youse
your friend forever
Lorraine Brent and kids xoxoxxo