Monday, April 7, 2008

March 31

March 31
It is the end of March and this has been an exciting month. We were
able to get some work done at Grace and do some touring. We visited
the bush school west of Ndola , taking them school supplies and some
shoes for the grade one students. The school has 3000 students grades
one to nine with fourteen teachers. Classrooms have over a hundred
students with three to a desk. With that pupil teacher ratio Canadian
teachers would revolt.
The highlight of the month was the trip to Livingston and Victoria
Falls. We were able to stand on the footbridge and get soaked by the
spray. Later we climbed down to the bottom of the falls to the Boiling
Pot. At certain points we had to wade thru meter deep water and swing
from branches to reach the bottom. What an awesome experience!
In livingston we went on a safari in open landrovers, seeing impala,
wart hog , giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, monkey, lizards and more. We
went on a dinner cruise on the Zambesi, seeing elephant, hippo, and
many birds.
We finished the trip with stay at the Protea safari lodge north of
Lusaka were we got attacked by a kudu, rode an elephant, close enough
to pet a 7 year old male lion and ate some great food.
This had to be a March to remember.

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