Sunday, February 17, 2008

Grace notes

Family note
Jan. 14
We are settled in and the apartment at Grace Academy is very nice. We
went to the store and got some staples and hope to get to the market
for fresh stuff. Mary is doing well but the hours on the plane has
done my back in. I am happy for the medication we brought.
We miss you all very much but God is good and we seem to be meeting
and making friends.
Jan. 15
Today we had a meeting with Patricia the head teacher to see where we
could help. We went to town again, the egg farm and the market to
barter for vegetables. In the afternoon we worked on the recreation
hall and helped with the community outreach.
Jan 16
Today we spent the day working at Grace Academy. Mary was in the
grade one class all morning while I cleaned up the rec hall. In the
afternoon we spent time at the school and doing remedial classes.
Before supper I had a chance to go for a walk with one of the Zambian
house parents ( Roderick). We went to three of the nearby farms it was
very interesting. I am learning some Bemba, the local language.

Jan 17
Today was a busy day, I spent time in the gr 2 gr 3 gr 4/5 gr 7
classes. Mary has spent the last two days in the grade one class as
they are a very busy group.
We are cooking all of our meals as peanuts are a staple in the dining
hall. I don't think I will be losing any weight.
This evening we went to the rec hall and painted walls for an hour or
so. Then we went to visit dorm one, one of the house aunties prayed
with us. It was one of the most amazing prayers I have ever heard.
Her name is auntie Mavis, a wonderful Zambian lady.
Tomorrow I will teach my first classes so we will see how it goes.

Jan 24
The week has flown by with us settling in to living and working.
Classes have been going well, with Mary spending most of her time with
the grade one class. There are some real challenges in that class. I
have started some remedial work with ten students the teachers have
suggested need help.
Today we hope to go to the market, as supplies are getting low. We are
also hoping to get some photocopying done.

Last evening we were lying in bed about ten oclock when the Zambian
aunties who were gathered in the " insaka" started to sing. It was
beautiful to listen to the African songs floating through the warm
summer night. The people here are amazing, they use every opportunity
the can to worship.

Jan 25
It is Friday and that means the weekend. Today was a good day spent in
the school working with the students. I had a chance to sit in on the
teacher's meeting after school. It was interesting to see the process
of the meeting directed by the head teacher Patricia. Things are more
casual, but effectve.
The term "TIS" This is Africa, is very appropriate.

Jan 26
We slept in to 7:30 this morning. I am sure it rained all night, the
water was running in the back door. We did our washing scrubbed and
polished the floor, some general clean up. Mary and I fixed the door
to the dining hall and I went over to the school as the were having
the community out reach. About 25 of the local farm kids come, mostly
for the hot meal at the end.
In the afternoon we did a test on the school floor to see if a
verathane sealer would work. We will see how it holds up to the kids
muddy feet. I worked an hour or two on the 2 bikes then Sydney and I
went for a ride to the highway. Mary got a sewing machine from Beseko
and set it up in the dining hall. Soon she had two of the older girls
Mercy and Helen there with clothes that needed repair. Some of the
liitle boys showed up saying the clothes were broken also. I think
Mary has another full time job.

Jan 29
Today is Tuesday and we have kind of settled into a bit of a routine.
In the morning I teach and/or do remedial classes and in the after
noon I work on maintenance problems. At 3:30 we have a homework club
were the students come to the dining hall to do homework. I enjoy the
time as you get to work and have conversation with many of the kids.
Today at 1600 was the community outreach again. Mary is working mostly
with the grade one class still. The call her auntie Mary and they are
finding out she can be strict but I think they are learning. Maybe not
Philimon but she hasn't given up.
I am writing this in the dark as the power is out again. There is a
fantastic lightning storm so we have light every minute of so. The
raining is starting to come down hard, hopefully not in the back door.
Jan 31
Another hot wet day, and we are enjoying another thunder storm.
Hopefully the power won't go out again
I can't believe it is the end January. I got a note from home saying
the weather has been cold and lots of snow. I heard that ADSB declared
a snow day even for the teachers. Must be the second time in twenty

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Ola said...

Feb. 27. Already messed up--couldn't remember password or something! Sounds SOO interesting. You guys are doing good work! got something from African Missions today--almost threw it out, unopened--curiosity got the better of me. Tim, it was a reference for you--little late, since you're already there. I told them I'd never heard of you.
Take care, you two!