Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feb 19

Feb 19
This week is back to normal as the team has returned to Canada. The
maintenance jobs around Grace are never ending and I have a long list.
Mary continues to work with the grade one class. Her goal is to have
them recognize the alphabet by mid March.
Last week we had an opportunity to go to a children's hospital, an
emotional time especially the burn unit. We also met a small boy named
Samson ( I will try to post a picture) who was suffering from
malnutrition. We found out on the weekend that he died, so sad.
We are doing well, but miss home sometimes.

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Ola said...

Feb. 27. It's -25C as I write. Don't bother missing winter! I posted a comment on Grace notes--since I normally mess up!!
Won't repeat it except to say Tim, your reference request came in today. Sent it right back.
Take care you two