Sunday, May 15, 2016

2015 Update

I thought I would do a quick update of the events in our lives of 2015 and bring the blog into 2016.
After I returned from India we settled into life at home.  Mary was still very active and involved with Light Haven Home in Bruce Mines in volunteer work in administration.  Her mom was a resident an so she got time to spend with her and be available daily.  
I was busy with Hudson and often helped look after him as Aly worked in Blind River Hospital.  We spent time at the cottage and had visits from Josh and Lynne and kids.  Katie and Bronson also came to the cottage.  Bronson asked for Kate's hand in marriage and I consented.  Bronson is a great guy and  I had two questions for him before giving consent.  Number 1 was "Do you love God?" and " Do you love Kate?".  His answer was yes to both so how could I say no.
It became evident that Aly was very pregnant and we were looking forward to a new grandchild in November.
Summer was a good time and Mary got time on her new paddle board and we did some kayaking.
The events of the fall were again looking after Hudson, Light Haven Home, and looking forward to a Birth and Wedding.
November 14th Timothy Hugo Clark was born.  A healthy baby boy!  
Grama was not doing so well and Mary was spending a lot of time with her in Bruce Mines. In December she went to glory and is now home with her Saviour.  Mary had the privilege praying with her and being by her bedside when took her last breath.  
Jan 2 brought a new beginning as Katie and Bronson were married in Kitchener.  We celebrated and welcomed Bronson into the family.
That was a quick update and I will include some pictures as well.


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