Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mary is in Hospital

We got home from Sudbury last Thursday and the weekend went okay.  Mary had been tired and weak but did manage to get out to Grama's for supper on Saturday and to her doctor's appointment on Sunday.  On Monday she was tired but restless and wanted to get out.  Her temp was 37.1 and a BP or 102/62.  She convinced me that getting out to the garden would be beneficial.  I took her out to the garden and she spent an hour weeding etc.  She loves just sitting in the garden getting her hands dirty.

When I picked her up she was tired so I took her home to bed.  She spent the afternoon in bed, her bones were sore and she was beat.  I was working on a new planter for Grama's patio so when I got home at 5pm, Mary temp was up to 37.7 and the doctor has said 37.5 was the signal to take her to the hospital.  I loaded her in the car to her mild protests and took her to the Thessalon hospital.  Needless to say they admitted her and started IV anti-biotics.  She has been in the hospital since Monday with low blood counts and a temp that fluctuates from 37.1 to 38.8.  The doctor says her blood count have to be above 1.5 and a temp less than 37.5 for 24 hours before she can go home.  We are praying that she has some good readings.  This morning her blood was up to 2.8 but she had a temp of 38.8 in the night.  This morning her temp was 37.1 so hopefully that will continue.  We really appreciate your prayers.  We are very thankful to have the hospital so close and wonderful care.  I am on my way over to the hospital now with some fruit and a smoothie. Take care.

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Jason & Erin said...

We'll be praying that Mary's temp stays down tonight. You know where we live if you need anything!