Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We have a feeding program success. Gasper started the feeding program
with out much hope, the doctor thought he was going to die. The first
few feedings had to be by NG tube and some times it would take 2 hours
to feed this boy. On time we were feeding Gasper with an NG tube and
he was vomiting everything we game him. Mary was cover with vomit by
the time we were done. Praise God, Gasper is alive and well enough to
go home. The pictures show him dressed in new clothes from the
hospital and many gifts from caring people at home. The shirt says
"What Ever", which Mary thought matched his stubborn personality. The
other picture is of Gasper's Mother with a box on her head, baby girl
tied to her back and Gasper leading the way out of the hospital. They
are heading back to their village and hopefully Gasper will continue
to gain and live a long life.

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Katie said...

Gasper is such a cutie! Congratulations on your successes in the program, Mom! Way to put up with the vomit and persevere.