Thursday, September 3, 2009

Update from Sakeji

Sakeji Mission School is in full swing now as classes have started and we are getting to know the kids again. (I just had to leave for a while --- 2hrs--  as a girl go hurt on the playgroud. First aid skills always come in handy) This afternoon was our afternoon off and I had been working on some plans and Mary was sorting things out in the clinic.  It is busier than the last time I was here as we have extra responsibilities and the staff is down. Our day starts a 6am, breakfast at 7pm (Mary opens the clinic after breakfast) and classes begin at 8am. (Depending on how many children and local people come to the clinic determines how long Mary is there. Usually she is finished by 9:30 at the latest.) We have class all morning with a tea break at 10am.  After Lunch and a rest time, classes begin again at 1:30 pm till 4:00pm which includes afternoon tea and a prep period.  Between 4 and 5 we have games on the playground or the football field.  Supper is at 5:30pm.  It is a full day and week as classes continue on Saturday.

The weather here is nice, hot during the day but it does cool off at night.  Good for sleeping.  They tell us that October is coming and that is the hot month.  We will have to enjoy this time as much as we can.

We started Lunda lessons today with Albert a worker from the kitchen teaching us.

"Ntetemena mwani?" -  (goodmorning?)  response is " mwani vude mwani"  -  (kind of means thank you or thanks for the greeting)
"Mudi ngahi mwani?" - "How are you?"  response   is    "Nidi chachiwahi mwani "  (I am fine.)
"Wakata?"  (Are you sick?)  response " Enga mwani " (yes)

It is going slow but hopefully we can pick up some language.  We plan to have about 90 minutes a week and try to practice on the kitchen guys. We got invited out to lunch after church on Sunday and we learned quite a bit of eating manners. Such as you only touch the food with your right hand.  You should never touch your fingers to you lips or lick your fingers as you dip the Nshima in the same dish as every one else.  The men and the wowen do not eat together.  I did not eat alot, as the Nshima seems to sit as a lump in my stomach.

Tomorrow is friday and we have a busy day.  Mary has clinic in the morning, teaches two health classes and has reading groups.  I have a full day of classes and then we have Rally after classes in the afternoon.  Rally is kind of like crafts or activities for the students.  We look forward to bed time which comes early at 7pm for the Juniors and 7:30pm for seniors.

The staff here are great! It really works as a team and the students really benefit.  Besides the regular missionaries there are two young girls, Tiffany from Zambia who is helping in a lot of areas, and Florine from Switzerland who is also doing a lot as well as teaching French to Grade Seven and Eight  with Mary's help. 

Thanks for your prayers and concern for us here.

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Jason & Erin said...

Great to hear you guys are doing well. Life sounds busy! We are doing well...eagerly waiting for Nov:)
Miss you guys!
Love Jason, Erin , Gabe and Baby