Saturday, March 14, 2009


Mar 11 Update

Yesterday we went west of the station into the bush to go to a villagea about 25 kilometers away.  The are having great difficulty with water and need a well.  The only problems is there is too much water.  We have had so much rain that flooding is a problem.  We attempted to go to the village yesterday but about 10km out we had to turn back because the rig would have been underwater. On the way back we picked up a  lady and her family as she was quite sick and was walking to the hospital at Chitokoloki.  That well will have to wait for the water to go down.  The only problems is the well drilling team will leave the end of March and the flooding will not be gone by then.

Sorry to say but little William died on Wednesday.  The mom and others were in the hut just out side the hospital and Mary went over to talk and be with the mom.  They will make the trek across the  airstrip to the graveyard to bury the little boy.  We see families making that journey on a daily basis.  Death is so much a part of life here.

Today Saturday we worked in the morning then had a chance to go fishing out on the Zambesi.  The water is really high and has created lakes where we went walking only a few weeks ago.  I got some good pictures but no fish.  The water is really fast moving.

Mary is still struggling with Malaria.  She feels better and gets out to the hospital or with the kids and then is in bed in the afternoon with chills and fever.  It is hard for her to stay and get rested up.  Tomorrow is Sunday and hopefully will be a day of rest for her.

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