Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fall 2008

This has been a very different fall for us and we have been a bit disconnected. The month of September was spent at the cottage with the weekends in Sudbury as Mary was taking an ESL course over 3 weekends. I (Tim) have been palgued with boils and struggled with getting them under control. During October we spent some time building a new washroom at the cottage and enjoying the fall colours. It has been relaxing but we are getting a bit anxious to get going again.
As a result of the need to travel, we decided to make the long trek (18hours) to Red Lake to visit Josh and Lynne as well as Mary's sister Gloria and her family. It was great travel as we were able to go with our friend from Iron Bridge (Shirley Reed) as she wanted to visit friends in Nipigon. While in Red Lake we had a chance to look around and confirm the news that Josh is going to be a dad. Which means we are going to be Grandparents!! We returned from Red Lake and then made plans to visit Aly on the other side of the province in Ottawa. Ashley Shantz had the weekend off so she came with us. We had a great time checking out Aly's house in Gatineau, visiting the new MET and touring the town. We had a nice meal with Aly's housemates, Dan & Pam Carlson, Matt Clark, Jon Carlson and a few others. The weather for travel was great both ways and we spent a few mild days at the cottage working on the bathroom.
This weekend we moved into my brother's house in Thessalon as he is in Florida. It is turning colder and we have winter to look forward to. We will try to make some regular updates to the blog as we have regular Net access here.

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