Saturday, March 1, 2008

Feb 23

Feb 23
Today we took the older kids from Grace to another orphanage on the
other side of Ndola which is very close to the border with the Congo.
The name of the orphage is Jubliani Childrens Village. We played
football against their team and we had great fun until the storm hit
and we got rained out. The best or worst part of the trip was the
ride there in the back of the truck.
On the way home we came across a truck accident (drunk driver) and two
young boys were hurt. The police don't have cars so someone went and
picked up the police while I gave some firstaid at the scene.
Materials are limited so rolls of toliet paper were used as a
compress. Sandra, Karly and I took the boys to the hospital in Ndola ,
that was an experience ( for another time). It made for along day as
we did not get home til late. I think the boys will be okay.

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