Saturday, January 12, 2008


We have spent most of the day in Amsterdam and have really enjoyed the
walk. We leave for Nairobi in one hour and hopefully will get some
sleep this flight. We should be in Zambia tomorrow.

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Bode said...

Hey Tim and Mary,
Hope you didn't get up to any crazy stuff in Amsterdam and get held up at the airport!

Carrie Rousselle said...

Have a great flight guys! It is really cool to be able to follow your trip. Thinking about you both :)


dash said...

hey Mary,
great picture of you in Holland! I hope everything is going as you hoped it would in Africa. Shawn and I are thinking of you and the great work project you guys are starting on. Good luck and talk to you again.

Amanda and Sam said...

Hi Guys! Keep the pictures and info coming, I finally feel connected again! Looks like you are having a lot of fun! :)


miss you!!

lorraine beemer said...

Hello Mary and Tim

well I guess i did'nt win your gone.

well i hope everything goes good for you'se and you do all you have planed

i sure miss you already
but you'se are in the lord hands now
god bless you'se and keep you'se safe
love you
your friend forever
Lorraine Beemer